Ben Weil

Ben Weil Lisa and Jerry O'Brien Fellowship 2018


The O’Brien Fellowship is a fantastic opportunity for me to make meaningful contributions as I learn about working in a museum and develop the skills to curate my own exhibit. At the Weisman I have begun researching medieval woodblock prints and engravings, most of which have never been shown before. I am very excited to be this year’s O’Brien Fellow, and I am looking forward to learning more about museum work as I help curate exhibits and contribute to catalogues.

Weisman Art Museum Ben Weil


Ben Weil graduated from the University of Michigan, majoring in Art History and International Studies. Taking courses on the 20th century art that makes up most of the Weisman’s collection, he was a natural fit for the O’Brien Fellowship. Weil also focused on medieval art and wrote his senior thesis on a late antique manuscript, the Calendar of 354.